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Drain Cleaning Service in Elkhart, IN

Also Serving Goshen and Syracuse, IN

Keep your floor drains clear and remove environmentally sensitive materials with drain cleaning and water jetting services from Roto-Rooter™ Sewer & Drain Service. We also repair or replace water and sewer lines to correct a number of problems.

Drain Cleaning

Floor drains are essential for removing and preventing standing water in areas that are prone to flooding. They are often found in basements, garages, laundry rooms, patios, and sometimes in older bathrooms.

When your floor drain is clogged, let our plumbing experts unclog it for you. We unclog your floor drains the same way we clean a sewer or sink drain, using an electric Roto-Rooter machine that cuts through all blockages inside the pipe. After this service, your drains will flow like new.
Sewer Inspect Drainage - Drain Cleaning service underway in Elkhart, IN

High-Velocity Water Jetting

Water jetting, commonly known as Ultra High Pressure (UHP) and High Pressure (HP), is an efficient and effective technology used for cleaning environmentally sensitive materials, such as paint, debris, waste, mud, and dirt.

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***We Also Repair Frozen Pipes & Lines***